Libby the Ladybug

 Learns Helpfulness

Libby the Ladybug is a sweet and loving little ladybug who soon realizes she does not have any black spots like the other ladybugs. She becomes curious and asks her mother why she doesn’t have black spots like the rest of her ladybug friends. Her mother tells her that in order to earn black spots, she must do good deeds for other people. When Libby tries to do a good deed, she fails and feels a mix of emotions.

The funny thing is, when Libby doesn’t try so hard, she does amazing things!  Over time, Libby begins to naturally do good deeds for others. Although Libby loved her new black spots, she learned the biggest reward of helping others was the feeling of happiness inside. Libby learned that even the small can do big things, but only if it comes straight from the heart. 






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