How I Became an Author

Dear Readers,

Ever since I was a little girl, ladybugs have always intrigued me. When I was younger, I wondered how ladybugs got their spots. Then I had an idea to create my own story on how that happens. In fifth grade, I wrote that story and kept it with me throughout my life. When I became a teacher, I shared this story each year with my students, but didn’t reveal who the author was until the very end. Every year, their little mouths dropped and their eyes filled with awe when I broke the news that the author was me. I am so proud to publish this inspiring story on helpfulness and hope you take away the same lesson that Libby did— anything is possible, even for a ladybug and especially for YOU!

Thank you for your support as I embark on this new adventure as an author. I hope you enjoy!

Your Author,

Carly Furino 🐞